At Ollie Burns & Sons Funeral Directors, we understand that floral arrangements for memorial services can take various forms, from modest single-wreath offerings to elaborate, intricately crafted designs. A common choice is the traditional wreath, often circular but also available in oval or diamond shapes. These larger floral pieces are frequently requested by families to adorn the coffin during services, with contributions from all immediate relatives.

Our team can assist with bouquets and hand-tied bunches, which present additional styling options. The latter features wreaths gathered with ribbons instead of plastic wrapping for a more natural aesthetic. Personalised touches like spelling out names or meaningful words add a customised element to these tributes.

Examples include:

  • MAM
  • DAD
  • WIFE
  • SON
  • AUNT
  • Name of the deceased person

In some cases, families may prefer that mourners sacrifice floral tributes altogether in favour of donations to cherished charitable causes. At Ollie Burns & Sons Funeral Directors, we can advise on communicating this preference through notices shared in advance to inform mourners. Certain organisations provide envelopes at services to seamlessly collect contributions for designated beneficiaries.

No matter the choice of tribute, floral or monetary, the sentiment remains the same - honouring the life of a loved one through thoughtful gestures of remembrance and support for meaningful causes. Our dedicated team at Ollie Burns & Sons Funeral Directors is here to guide you through these decisions with compassion and expertise.

Some charitable organisations that people have donated to in the past:

  • Galway Hospice
  • Tuam Cancer Care
  • Cancer Care West
  • Pieta House
  • CROÍ
  • COPE Galway
  • Palliative Care
  • COPD Support Ireland
  • Claregalway & District Day Care Centre
  • Aware
  • Various Units/Wards in a hospital where your loved one passed away

Would you like to find out more about our Wreaths/Donations?

If you have any queries relating to wreaths and/or donations?, please do not hesitate in contacting us today on (086) 8901943 or on (087) 0964687 (Gerry) or our office on (093) 41942 or alternatively you can email us at info@ollieburnsfunerals.ie

All queries you may have are dealt with total confidentiality and each query will be answered to your complete satisfaction.